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Compression Couplings

Pipe Joining Systems Watertight Deck and Bulkhead Penetration
Speedy Economical Permanent Repair Maintenance-free

For those bulkhead-to-bulkhead -- compartment-to-compartment piping systems -- through-the-hull over-the-side discharge lines, CBC Brand Compression Couplings are the permanent solution - insulated ... they shrug off vibration, too! You can install them and forget them ... yet, a quick take-down for system maintenance is no problem! Compartments remain water-tight and no expensive stuffing boxes are needed.

A minimum of components provide a complete CBC Brand Compression Coupling for through-the-bulkhead use. The process is simple! Burn a hole through the bulk-head - weld the Compression Coupling sleeve in place. Assemble the nut to sleeve two (2) turns ... insert pipe through compression nut and sleeve ... tighten compression nut and the job is done. Watertight integrity is simply and economically achieved and guaranteed at all deck and bulkhead penetration points with low, low cost!

Where it is desirable to protect insulation between bulkheads, use the CBC Brand Compression Coupling with compression nuts at both ends! Permanent, dependable moisture barrier... and the job is done in just minutes!

Positive-Seal Features of CBC Compression Couplings
  1. Beveled inner edge of Neoprene Gasket mates with inside chamfered end (gasket seat) of sleeve to convert tightening torque immediately into radial sealing force. Gasket design assures permanent seal.
  2. Long straight threads allow for complete compression of Gasket without seizure and permit greater take-up of Compression Nut to insure effective sealing on undersize or corroded pipe. Finer threads produce higher compressive force for same applied torque.
  3. Retainer ring and Gasket are pre-assembled inside Compression Nut to prevent their falling out and eliminate possibility of missing parts or incorrect assembly. Free-floating Retainer Ring assures proper positioning of Gasket regardless of position with incoming pipe.
  4. Gaskets easily removed with screwdriver for replacement.
  • TYPE 210 - similar to type 250, for through-bulkhead-and-insulation, sleeve is straight threaded at both ends and is complete with two malleable compression nuts.
  • TYPE 250 - the most widely specified and used through-the-bulkhead coupling for ship-board application. straight thread one end - the other end plain and unbeveled. close dimension tolerances are held on all sleeves - produced from electrical resistance welded mechanical tubing. sleeve thickness (wall) is selected so that it is always equal to, or greater than, the wall thickness of the next larger size schedule 40 pipe on which the coupling is used. Compression nut is malleable.
  • TYPE 251 - EXTRA HEAVY DUTY for rugged use - produced with Schedule 80 (or equivalent) sleeve, swaged down at the threaded end because of extra heavy wall thickness - receives standard malleable compression nut at one end.
  • TYPE 252 - EXTRA HEAVY DUTY for through-the-bulkhead-and-insulation service. both ends are swaged to compression nut size, straight threaded - two compression nuts supplied.
  • TYPE 253 - similar to type 250 in design, supplied in light-weight aluminum with 5086 Series Aluminum alloy sleeve and one (1) 300 Series Alloy compression nut.
  • TYPE 213 - similar to type 253 aluminum fitting except sleeve is threaded both ends, to receive two (2) compression nuts.
  • The use of TYPE 2114 CBC Brand Neoprene Adapter Sleeve permits the application of any of the above Compression Couplings for securing copper water tubing or plastic tubing where they must pass through bulk-heads or decks.
Ordering Information - Specify the nominal size fitting for the size copper water tubing or plastic tubing. Example: for use with 3/8" copper water tubing (CTS), order 3/8" Type 2114 neoprene adapter sleeve and the appropriate Compression Coupling design in the 3/8" size, also.

Favorable Installations

CBC Brand Compression Couplings for deck and bulkhead installations are recognized by the following:
  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • Maritime Administration, United States Dept. of Commerce
  • Lloyds Register of Shipping
  • United States Navy
  • Private Shipbuilders

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